A horrible true story that will make you see how blessed you are

Hola Readers!

Cry Silent Tears- Book Cover

Hace unos años, mas bien creo que fue el año pasado, I read a book called Cry Silent Tears by Joe Peters.

This story is about Joe who went through child abuse. At first he knew his father would protect him from his crazy mother but his savior burned to death in front of him.

The violence and sexual abuse inflicted on him, grew in severity as more people, including his stepfather and step brothers were invited to use him in any way they chose.

Being kept in the cellar and being fed nothing but scraps off the floor, at the age of 14 (after 9 years of living hell) he decided to run away.

It is not until this book that he spoke about it in full detail. This is a truly inspirational account of how one small boy found the strength to overcome almost impossible odds and become a remarkable man. Today, Joe speaks out against child abuse and helps support and protect other children whose lives have been blighted by it.

Es un libro muy fuerte y demuestra la cruda y perversa maldad que hay en este mundo. Les recomiendo leer este libro por que abre los ojos a lo bendecida que es nuestra vida. Hay gente que se queja de tener padres que los molestan por ir a la escuela, o que les molesta el simple hecho de que ellos les quieran demostrar su amor; to those people… think twice about how you see your parents, because i am sure you wouldn’t want the life Joe had. Be thankful for your life, because there are people out there that are not as blessed as we might be.


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